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Get the most efficient tool for OST to PST transfer task!

In case you have been looking for an efficient OST to PST transfer tool then we present to you OST Extractor Pro!

OST Extractor Pro is a tool that has been created by USL Software solely for the purpose of lightening the burden of the users. This user-friendly tool enables all the users alike to take up the task with 100% success rate. Every user is guaranteed to get perfect carbon copies of their OST files in the PST format in record time.
ost to pst transfer

This tool is extremely affordable as well. It comes in 4 license keys which come coupled with free updates for life and round the clock customer care services.

If you wish to try out this tool before investing into it, get this tool by downloading a copy of the FREE demo trial version. It will allow you to test all the features while only limiting the number of items to 10 per folder in the OST to PST transfer task.

Check it here now - How to convert ost to pst!

The tutorial to explain the OST to PST transfer task in detail!

With OST Extractor Pro in hand, the users need not worry about the execution of the OST to Office 365 (PST) transfer task. This tool is ideally the most user-friendly one out there and therefore the users, from beginners to experts, feel no difficulty in accomplishing it with full precision.

The details of its OST to PST transfer task have been detailed here-under:

  1. The first step is to download the tool and install it on the system. Before doing so, the users must ensure system compatibility, accurate disk space, etc. The installation wizard is self-explanatory and it takes only a few moments to fully install on the system.
  2. Once the tool is installed, the users must launch it on the screen.
  3. The interface is very basic and it displays the first step which is to upload the OST files onto it. This can be done by clicking on ‘Add OST file’ and then by locating the archives stored on the system.
  4. After uploading of the files finishes, a list of files and folders is displayed on the screen. The users must select/deselect folders to finalize the content for the OST to PST transfer task.
  5. The next step is to choose the output. This tool is designed to transfer OST to PST, Apple mail, MBOX, Postbox, EML, and Thunderbird. Therefore, at this stage, the users must carefully choose ‘.pst’.
  6. Click on ‘export’ and choose a relevant spot on the system to save the converted PST files.
  7. The tool spurs into action after this. The progress can be seen on the log report that appears on the screen.
  8. The tool will give a message once the whole OST to PST transfer task gets completed. The users can access the files from the selected location.

You would certainly not find an easier and quicker path to the OST to PST transfer task.

Go ahead - and download a copy of the tool now!


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